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    Title:   AddTime:18-11-29

    Title:   AddTime:18-11-29

    Title:  CIEO’s 2018 Charity Art Night AddTime:18-11-15

    Title:  How Can We Train Adaptable Children for the Future? AddTime:18-11-15
    Info: November 9, 2018 -- Integrating Chinese and Western cultures and aggregating global wisdom; we aim

    Title:   AddTime:18-06-05

    Title:   AddTime:18-06-05

    Title:   AddTime:18-06-01

    Title:  CIEO 5th Annual Employee Sports AddTime:18-06-01
    Info: Plato said: In order to have a successful life, we are provided with two channels - education and s

    Title:  Review丨A Stimulating Educational Environment AddTime:17-03-31
    Info: On March 25th, Canadian International Educational Organization (CIEO)successfully held a conferenc

    Title:  International Education Exhibition AddTime:17-03-31
    Info: On March 26th, Canadian International School of Guangzhou(CIS)participated in the “2017 Connect to

    Title:  A Review on Internship Programs and Recruitment in 2016 AddTime:17-01-17
    Info: CIEO recruiters talked with students one on one Staff interacted with students CIEO man

    Title:  Parents' Meeting at CKE-M AddTime:16-10-24
    Info: On September 23rd, 2016 Canadian Mayland International Kindergarten held a parents’ meeting for the

    Title:  Reap hope from the dream of being a little writer AddTime:16-07-12
    Info: Students from Grade 3 to Grade 6 at CLS-A participated in a preliminary contest of the 12th 'Hope C

    Title:  A Speech Competition on Stories of Class Management AddTime:16-07-12
    Info: With no education, there'd be aberration. To teach well, you deeply dwell.CLS-A held a speech compe

    Title:  A happy golf class AddTime:16-07-12
    Info:CLS-A has various activity classes which include: Chinese chess, pottery, football, hockey, pulley,

    Title:  Go to the distance & close to the jungle - The 3rd anniversary art exhibition AddTime:16-07-04
    Info: In June, CLS-C hosted the 3rdanniversary art exhibition 'so far, so near, approachingthe jungle” in

    Title:  Experience a different world at Guangzhou Ocean Park AddTime:16-07-01
    Info: Though it’s very hot in June, it doesn’t affect the children’s excitement to play outside. Look! He

    Title:  Young Football Players at CLS-C AddTime:16-07-01
    Info: You can often see a herd of sweating, panting and tireless boys on the beautiful new football field

    Title:  Demo Interview for Middle School AddTime:16-06-30
    Info: We held a demo interview activity last Friday, the 27th May 2016, in preparation for our grade 6 st

    Title:  Red scarves lead us into the future AddTime:16-06-30
    Info: June 1st, 2016 was a memorable day for the kids in grade one. Not only did they celebrate the Child

    Title:  Mayland Kindergarten on the news of TVS2 AddTime:16-06-02
    Info: On May 19th 2016 the TVS2 of Guangdong RadioTelevision interviewed Canadian Mayland International K

    Title:  Say Goodbye to the traditional Open Day! AddTime:16-05-27
    Info: What kind of Open Day do parents want to see? Should the school give a speech to parents? Should te

    Title:  Education Experts Praised on Mind-map Teaching Method AddTime:16-05-27
    Info: On the afternoon of 17th May, the experts from Guangzhou Teaching and Research Office came to our

    Title:  Special Lunch! AddTime:16-05-24
    Info: At CLS-C, every student has the chance to enjoy lunch with our principals. During these special lun

    Title:  Fire Safety Always In Mind AddTime:16-05-20
    Info: In order to further improve the awareness of fire safety including fire control and life-saving str

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