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Education is love

Love is the soul of education.CIEO advocates core values love of self-love and then love others,consistent in thought and behavior, Ignite life.We inspire our children to become successful and lead them to find the meaning of life.

Diligence first,love as the source,people-oriented.Accomplish yourself while achieving others,self-love and then love others.At CIEOevery child is unique and will receive enough appreciation and attention.We lead children to grow up with love;

Happy in heart,love in action,and cherishment for knowledge.Passing love with love,heart with heart,educating children with love.At CIEO,every child is talented and will be fully excavated and released.We motivate them to become talents with love;

Encouraging children to learn things with open mind to achieve perfection.Respect children,listen to them and wake up them.At CIEO,every child is outstanding,will get perfect bloom and care,we use the love to activate the spirituality of their life!


Lets open a world of possibilities to your child.

Educational Purpose

Cultivate future world citizens with international vision.

Educational Characteristics

Learning endlessly from the wisdom of ancient and modern times,to extract the essence of the world.

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