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How Can We Train Adaptable Children for the Future?
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November 9, 2018 -- Integrating Chinese and Western cultures and aggregating global wisdom; we aim to highlight the Maple Leaf Spirit of Canada in an atmosphere of elegance.  Learn Today,  Lead Tomorrow C the theme of our international education conference - co-sponsored by CIEO and its Canadian International School (CIS), was held on the sparkling, new CIS campus as grand announcement of CIS arrival as an international school. Participants from diverse areas of Chinese and foreign educational circles attended the meeting.


CIEOs slogan is Education is Love and in keeping with this message, we endeavour to educate future leaders with world influence through conceptual development of multiple intelligences and global wisdom. Our conference hosted a dialogue among global education experts and set up a high-quality platform for top international school educators from all regions to engage in meaningful communication, bringing new and cutting-edge ideas to Chinese parents.

Ms. Rachel Bedlington and Mr. Qingwen Wu both expressed their respective greetings sincerely to all attendees and shared views on education in addition to blessings on CIEO's 18th anniversary.


ôפ¹Rachael BedlingtonŮʿ


Keynote Speaker:Designing Future Learning with Design Thinking

Trish Roffey  ˼ʣô󰬲ʡɶٹ

In modern education circles Design Thinking is a global trend as we, as educators, cannot afford to stay put in our understanding of theory. Keynote speaker, Trish Roffey - Emerging Technology Consultant for the Edmonton Public Education Bureau in Albert, Canada, elaborated on the theme of Designing Future Learning with Design Thinking.


CIS ѧ  ֫Ĺʵչʾ

She emphasized that only constant innovation can adapt to the ever-changing world and, through the theory of Design Thinking, she proactively explores the forms and directions of future learning so as to cultivate well-developed students becoming positive citizens of the future. Through 18 years of practice, CIEO has been a leader in innovation and works to put ideal education concepts into practice, allowing children to grow naturally and independently.  We combining this with positive elements of Chinese culture to explore the world with an open mind and vision.


Teacher's Workshops: Creative Education Experiences

Shelly  Smith-Dale ŹѧУʦ 

Teachers workshops, in bringing together scholars, experts and teachers dedicated to innovative science and technology education domestically and abroad, talked about a broad range of topics including the practice of STEAM, Project-Based Learning (PBL), interdisciplinary integration, youth innovation ability and critical thinking training among many others.  They also discussed the essence of education, in terms of helping children embrace the future, especially one where they are potentially to be competing with artificial intelligences which could surpass the capabilities of most humans.

 Justin Rankin ݼôѧУСѧʦ


The steady delivery and discussion helped display the rapid development of STEAM and PBL over the past few years, as well as the possibilities for, and appropriateness of, a non-testing evaluation standard for future education.  These ideas greatly opened many eyes for teachers and participants.  It also helped frame for educators that learning need not be under a certain banner or following traditional trends, but that its purpose is to make children adapt to the society theyll live in.

 Philippe Bureau ôѧУESL


Parents' WorkshopsUnderstanding Educational Thoughts

Standing in a new era and facing changes in international patterns we all, as educators and parents, we must have a profound understanding of the educational thoughts of the times.  Not only based in certainties of grasping the characteristics of our age, but through absorbing historical nutrition for growth.

 Dale Cox ̫ѧУܲ 

Sonia Iong  ԲѧңŹѧУСѧʦ

Our parents' workshops brought together the wisdom of Chinese and Global representatives to talk about world-class education, what it means to be a world citizen, and second language acquisition and bilingualism. Participants engaged in free exchange, discussing multicultural understandings and sharing an exploration of in-depth thinking on each topic.


Howard Stribbell ôʽŹʽҵܼ 

In one short day, the 2018 CIEO/CIS International Education Conference managed to successfully enable collaboration in education, innovation and practice. Teachers, students, parents and guests of different skin colors, countries and disciplines left us with great memories as well as many smiles. We believe that the cultural exchange platform built by CIEO will continue to support endless interaction.


International Innovative Education with Global Frontier Wisdom

Education is the lamp of life. Only when everyone carries it can the city be properly lit. At the same time, education is also a long-term cause. Patience and tenacity are required for the cultivation of culture and the preservation of spirit. CIEO looks to warm every corner with love through educators from diverse backgrounds being active in its classroom, sharing their understanding of education, interpretation of disciplines and exploration of problems. CIEOs students also demonstrate their positive mental outlook and international style in class.


Through 18 years of elaborate cultivation in the field of international education, CIEO Currently runs over 30 branches including 25 kindergartens, 9 English training centers, 2 foreign language schools (CLS), 3 international school (CIS, CGA & Lanna), 1 international preparatory college, and 1 cultural exchange center. CIEO employs a professional education team of more than 1000 people including over 200 international educators and over 800 Chinese staff members who provide education services to nearly 20000 students between the ages of 2 and 22 from more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

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