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CIEO's 15 Year Educational Dream


CIEO’s 15th year anniversary was held on November 21st, 2015.  It was a grand event for us, providing a chance to look back on the past, and to look forward towards what the future may hold. 

About 600 guests were invited to the party. There were education experts, principals, parents, members of the media and officers from the Education Department.

Wonderful performances were presented by students, teachers and parents from our kindergartens and other schools. In the past 15 years, CIEO has always sought to create first-class quality education and with a high-end brand, aimed at developing students into international citizens with a Chinese heart and a global mind.


President Winnie Chen said: “ 15 year seems to be a long time, however the stories that we’ve built over that time still ring clear to me.In the next 15 years our staff, who are from all over the world, will still come together and move forward under one philosophy--education is love.”

CIEO President-Winnie's Speech

CIEO Director of International Education-Ray Cimolini's Speech


Wushu Choreography——Canadian Foreign Language School-Agile


CLS School Percussion Song——Canadian Foreign Language School-Cambridgeshire


The Sound Of Music——Canadian International Agile Kindergarten


Trip to Canada——Canadian International Kids English School


CIEO School Thanksgiving Musical——Canadian International Calgary Kindergarten


FTZ——Canadian International High School


Music Appreciation——Canadian International Mayland Kindergarten



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