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Mayland Canadian International Kindergarten, branch of CIEO, was founded in September, 2006 locating in Mayland Community on Yuancun Si Heng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. It covers over 2000 ©O with a 4-floors of teaching facilities. All classrooms are equipped with sets of IKEA furniture. Besides normal classrooms, there are also Pottery, Art, Music, Reading, safety equipped playgrounds and a hockey arena. We have a teaching curriculum designed to provide best individual quality education to kids. Our goal is to have our kindergarten be a top end educational institute which combines modern technology with arts and international culture. By participating in this international program, the kids in our kindergarten learn to work and grow together.

Our kindergarten uses English as a First Language teaching method which is created by Canadian educator Arthur J. Stewart. Each class has an English-speaking teacher together with a Chinese teacher, Teaching Assistant, and Life Teacher to ensure the kids receive pure and comprehensive international education in our kindergarten. Kids will grow up happy here, feeling love and receiving excellent multinational education. We provide best developing environment for our kids to fulfill our kid¡¯s future dreams. Each month the kindergarten has at least one outside activity, which gives the kids greater perspective on this interesting world we live in, allowing them to widen their field of vision, let them learn to love nature and overall enrich their lives.

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