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Calgary Kindergarten Children¡¯s Day
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 Calgary Kindergarten Children¡¯s Day

On 30th May 2014, Foshan CCTV¡¯s cookery day show took place in our kindergarten. The host was Mrs. Qiao. She came to the kindergarten to cook for our children. There was beef soup, salad and chips and the children had a lot of fun and enjoyment.
They had a high opinion of our kindergarten and the environment. I think this is why she chose our kindergarten as a suitable location.  Foshan Calgary Kindergarten isn¡¯t the only kindergarten in Foshan, but it is a fairytale to the kids. Our Kindergarten¡¯s teaching is very famous because it has received the ¡®Sunshine Kindergarten¡¯ honour from the local government. Education is love, everything is for the kids. We have provided a safe, comfortable environment for the children to study.

    The host of the show, Mrs. Qiao, with Prinicpal of the kindergarten, Tiffany.
Kindergarten students posing with Mrs. Qiao.

Mrs. Qiao highlights on the CCTV show. In this shot, she is presenting the food to the children.
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