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CIEO 女孩月






Asawer Amar Shamil目前是广州CGA国际学校七年级的学生,拥有好奇的天性和主动探索创新的能力。

Asawer Amar Shamil, one of the Year 7 CANTON GLOBAL ACADEMY(CGA)students who has a curious nature and initiative to explore new things.

永葆好奇之心 Curiosity


At school, Asawer is both curious and intuitive. She has a desire to gain knowledge, which is seen through her high levels of interest in her lessons. She is very creative and often uses her creativity to design and implement new things. Asawer demonstrates the willingness to use her curiosity of learning to take risks and explore the different outcomes. In CGA, they aim to inspire children to fall in love with the concept of learning by using their pupil’s curiosity and interests as the stimulus for great learning.

在诸多的课程中,Asawer最喜欢上的就是STEAM课程。“这门课程要求孩子们动手动脑,注重实践、注重动手、注重过程,提升动手实践能力,在创新意识的引导下,结合动手实践和探索去真正唤醒孩子与生俱来的创造力潜能。而在实践创新方面,Asawer尤其突出。”STEAM课程老师Mr. Hobby说道。

Out of all of her lessons; STEAM is Asawer's favorite. Mr. Hobby, Asawer’s STEAM teacher comments, "The STEAM programme that we operate provides children with the opportunity to learn using both creativity and their curiosity, which results in high levels of focus. The pupils develop their fine motor skills and their cognitive processing skills in order to complete a range of challenging tasks. By providing children with the opportunity to use innovation, their true creative potential can be awakened and therefore create a true passion towards learning. And in terms of practical innovation, Asawer is excellent. " 

动手实践助创新 Innovation

“每一次我自己创建一个新东西时,会感觉很酷! 因为我在专注于钻研一个新事物或在事物上做一些创新改进过程中,会进行自主思考和探索,也会乐于和同伴交流或交换思想意见,尤其在遇到问题时同学的帮助对我很重要,在动手的过程中力求解决问题,让我尝试在一个小群体的协作中体验创造的乐趣,这样更有利于帮助我把这种创造意识持续下去。”Asawer很兴奋地说道。

"Every time I create a new thing by myself, it feels great because I enjoy focusing on new projects. STEAM enables me to use my curiosity as a tool for learning and also allows me to improve in the areas that I am interested in. I like to be independent and explore. Sometimes I get to work with and share ideas with my classmates. This is great because when we work on things that we enjoy, it doesn’t feel like school work. Problems and challenges then become fun. STEAM allows me to use my hands and my mind in the way that I enjoy.” 


"As well as learning how to use computers, the STEAM classes at CGA also allows me to experiment with music, drama and film. It is so exciting! I look forward to the lesson each week. Learning is fun when we get to use our imagination to create things.” Asawer also expressed that talking about her STEAM lesson makes her feel like she is already in the class.  

热心助人小天使  helpful Angel


In addition to her curiosity and innovative nature, Asawer is also a very thoughtful, polite and a very helpful pupil. She brings a positive vibe to the school every day with the big smile that she has on her face. 


Next let’s see what our teachers say about her. 

 Homeroom Teacher 班主任老师:


Asawer is great at speaking English and doing presentations. In general, she is very careful, well organized, and studious. She is doing an excellent job creating structures in the Building Structures ECA and her artwork is full of creativity and raw talent. 

 Lead Teacher 教学主管


She is outgoing and engages with other students and staff members. She loves taking responsibility and whenever she tries anything, she does it with all of her energy, she's a great example to others in school.

的确,人工智能时代到来,不少家长都开始恐慌:‘孩子如何才能不被社会淘汰?’不论是对于孩子个人,还是整个社会的发展,掌握这项能力,才是保持优秀和强大的根源。想要和Asawer一样拥有好奇的天性和自主创新的能力吗?欢迎参加广州CGA国际学校 3月21日的学校开放日,体验我们的国际特色课程!

With the rapid growth in artificial intelligence, many parents are beginning to think: 'how can we compete with AI?’ STEAM, curiosity and a love of learning is the answer. Stepping away from the traditional methods and not being afraid of being different, we strive to provide our pupils with a curriculum that is centered around their passions, desires and interests whilst providing purpose behind the things that they do. If you would like to learn more about using curiosity as a tool for creating a love of learning, then we look forward to seeing you on March 21st for our Open Day. 


ON March 21st,CGA Open Day welcomes your coming.



CANTON GLOBAL ACADEMY (CGA) is a member school of the Canadian International Educational Organisation (CIEO), offering high quality British National Curriculum education for children aged 2-18. At CGA, STEAM and Chinese Studies courses are integrated into our core curriculum. CGA also offers a variety of ECA programmes.

CGA is located on Jinshazhou Island [Gam Saa Zau] in the Baiyun District. The school campus includes a Music and Dance facility, Library, Art room, STEAM/idea lab, football pitch and playing areas. 





Open Day: 8:45-12:00 March 21,2019

Location:No.4,Chuangjia Road,Jinshazhou,Baiyun District,Guangzhou


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