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Our Teaching Team

我们的课程 Our Classes


In art class, students worked with water colors to create beautiful and introspective renditions of the landscapes around the hotel.



Students in our 3D-printing class worked with a special program to design their own items,

which they were then able to take home.



Our science class gave students the opportunities to explore science through the creation

of solar-powered robots, under a curriculum guided by project-based learning.




Students studied under talented professionals in golf class, learning about the rules of golf, how to putt, and how to hit the ball with force.


In English class, our students studied the 6 values necessary to be an international citizen, discussed how to implement these values in their life.


我们的价值观 Our Values

Every day we focused on teaching one of these six values of an international citizen. Students were taught to reflect upon these habits, and to try to find ways to express them as often as possible in their daily lives.
每天我们都专注于学习国际公民的六项价值观之一。 教导学生思考这些观念,并设法在日常生活中尽可能多地表达这些习惯。


Citizenship — Giving back  公民义务
Caring — Helping those in need  关怀
Responsibility — Doing what I say I will  责任
Fairness — Treating you as I`d like to be treated  公平
Trustworthiness — Always being honest  诚信
Respect — For myself and others  尊重



我们的团队  Our Teams


Team 1:Unicorn

For most of our Children, it is their first time to take part in a CIEO camp.  However, they have done an awesome job, and everyday they help each other and take good care of themselves.

Team 2:Food Cleaner

We always believe that we can do it we can do it ! That's why we never give up when we face a challenge. During these 7 days , we tried our best to be better children! We lived together happily and went classes happily as well. Also, over these 7 days, we learned each of the 6 values, with the help of our teachers.
我们是第二组Food cleaner。因为始终相信我们一定可以做到,所以在挑战面前从不放弃。在这七天里面,我们尽自己最大的努力做最好的孩子,很开心地一起上课并且生活在一起。同时,很感谢老师们和我们一起度过的时光!



Team 3:Super Seven

There are five girls and three boys in our team and we are doing great. We help each other, understand each other, comfort each other, and help each other to remember things.  I feel very happy to be their teacher. Also I am very happy to see their progress.
我们是Super Seven. 我们组里有五个女孩子和三个男孩子,大家都做得特别棒,我们互相帮助,互相体谅安慰,互相提醒,共同进步,作为他们的带队老师我感到很荣幸,也很开心看到他们一点一滴的进步!

Team 4:Titans

We are team Titans. It's such a cool team name, just like my team!  Though I have the youngest team with many different personalities, they are still able to win some projects. They always surprise me. Like the night we had the Scavenger Hunt, they totally, 100-percent worked  as a team. Sometimes we don't have to be NO.1, but we try our best , we learn and we are happy. Love you my kids.


Team 5:Super Stars

We feel that every member of our group is very outstanding, and that we are the most lovable group. We help each other, we will never give up, we will try our best to do everything well, and we firmly believe that tomorrow will be better! Thank you to our leadership for making us a team!
我们的夏令营 Our Camp



CIEO’s Multicultural Camp gives students an opportunity to experience dynamic classroom topics, taught by highly-skilled educators, in a fun and interactive English Environment.



Mark Emptage—Vice-Director of English Education
Mark Emptage – CIEO教学副总监



“Here at Multicultural Camp, we try our best, as people and as educators, to give your children a high-end educational experience, that can help open their minds and allow them to consider new concepts.”




Canadian International Educational Organization(CIEO)
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