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CIEO 5th Annual Employee Sports
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Plato said: In order to have a successful life, we are provided with two channels - education and sports. With a strongbody, knowledge makes more sense. At 8:00 am on May 26th, the 5th annual CIEO staff sports day was held at the Canadian International School¡¯s new campus located in the Golden Hills in Panyu.


Opening  Ceremony
Along with some catchy songs, more than 20 schools , made up of over 1200 foreign and Chinese faculty members, showed off with a variety of different performances. They were vigorous and marched insync with each other, with every school wearing matching uniforms. Each school¡¯s slogans were shouted out at the top of their team members¡¯ lungs.


During the Competition
The competition was fierce and exciting.Every team member focused their energy on helping each other out and showing their solidarity. They were united throughout every minute. You could hear cheering and shouting constantly throughout the day.


Light as a bird, our runners took off -4*50 meters mixed relay race.


Acrobatic team members took part in racquet sports. - table tennis, badminton, trio.


Teams worked together to win these fights against the clock. - happy delivery.


May the strongest team win! - Tug of war.


Some of the challenges were harder than they looked. - Rainbow Run, Super NBA.


With a strong push, competitiors took off flying. - standing long jump.


After a fierce competition, Mayland won the group first prize. Sunny and CanAm won the second prize. CLS-A,CLS-C,Calgary+Yanbu won the third prize, and the Calgary + Yanbu team won the Chinese and Western Fusion Award.


The CIEO Games provided an opportunity for the CIEO family to exercise themselves and show their willpower. At the same time, it also enhanced their confidence, perseverance and team cohesion, and interpreted the spirit of CIEO¡¯S harmonious culture, fraternity and multicultural integration.


The CIEO Games is CIEO's annual sports event and the best review of the spirit of its employees. The venue for the Employees' Games is CIEO¡¯s new campus, which has been being built over the past two years. Chinese and foreign employees from all over the world gathered here to share and exchange thoughts and ideas, and to better build a family culture.


CIEO expresses its warm congratulations to the teams and individuals who gained outstanding achievements in this year¡¯s Games! Thank you very much to all the athletes and hard-working referees and staff who have made concerted efforts to see this event completed! All the players and teams in this session of the Games achieved great results, and interpreted the meaning of ¡°family culture¡± through sweat, loyalty, and hard work.


In the future, CIEO will build an international education team with a higher and broader platform, building international education concepts, disseminating international education culture, and making unremitting efforts to realize the dream of higher international education.


The venue of the sports event is located at the Canadian International School(CIS) in Guangzhou, at our Golden Valley Campus.CIS is an international high-quality institution that CIEO has invested heavily in, integrating science and technology with the arts. It is also the first school in mainland China to receive Albertan accreditation.
The K-12 International School (foreign children's school) is certified by the Provincial Department of Education. The fun playground, high-caliber heated swimming pool, professional front-end large-scale theater, STEAM creative space, and international classic classroom are all loved and appreciated by the students of the school, as are the Albertan-certified teachers.
Canadian officials have also recognized our excellent education and advanced management system.


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