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Parents' Meeting at CKE-M
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On September 23rd, 2016 Canadian Mayland International Kindergarten held a parents¡¯ meeting for the new semester. The purpose of the meeting is to strengthen the connection between kindergarten and children¡¯s family for a better education strategy so as to stimulate an integrated development for children.

Dr. Brian Johnson, the kindergarten director of CIEO gave a speech on the importance of learning and studying at home with children and emphasized the right methods to read and study with them. The kindergarten invited Mr. Kang Chen from an international medical center to talk about the common infectious disease and how to prevent the children from being infected. At the end of the meeting, Ms. Fiona Yang, principal of the kindergarten, talked about the importance of the application of the new transfer card system of the kindergarten. She reminded the parents that the kindergarten will use the cards to pick up and drop off the kids. 

Parents are the first teacher of the kids. Parents should set an example for kids and teach them by personal example and verbal instruction. It¡¯s a very good chance for the parents to attend such an informative meeting to learn and to cooperate with the kindergarten and the teachers. Let¡¯s work together to train up kids to be happy and healthy ones.

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