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A Speech Competition on Stories of Class Management
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With no education, there'd be aberration. To teach well, you deeply dwell.
CLS-A held a speech competition on stories of class management & teacher¡¯s demeanors on June 20th, 2016 in order to promote teachers¡¯ demeanors and present good images which will further improve the development of the school and teachers themselves.
The topic of the speech is teachers¡¯ love. It required the contestants to talk about stories in their work. Teachers could also talk about their experiences in class management or their passion and love for teaching. 
Teachers talked a lot about their experiences, feelings, considerations and other related aspects in the speech. They expressed their understanding on teacher¡¯s demeanors from different point of view.  Their passionate and attractive speeches gained lots of applauses from the audience.
Mentally active while teaching.
Principal Sophie Zheng commented on the speech competition. She is proud and happy for working with a group of thoughtful, enthusiastic, aspiring teachers who always give confidence and encouragement to students for improvement. Teachers should summarize and review in work and life to ensure their continuously development.
The judges graded the speeches in many aspects includes contents, language skill, deportment, performance quality, etc. An awards ceremony was held after to end up the competition.
Teachers all said that they learned a lot from the competition. Education is a process of spiritual creation in which teachers and students communicate with, affect to and appreciate each other.

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