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Love is Always in My Heart
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This article regards the visit to the children¡¯s orphanage by children in our own kindergarten. Showing love and giving warmth to others is the purpose of our education.
On 12th December, our kindergarten had a flea market in the playground.We had a lot of little stalls in the fleamarket and the parents and children were able to browse around and buy anything on sale. Children had also contributed many items for the sale, with all proceeds going towards the orphanage.  After this activity, we collected 9,866.8 RMB. This money was sent to the Foshan Children¡¯s Charity. We believe we will give a warm winter¡¯s day to these children in need.
The purpose of this activity is to understand that we should love other kids and let them understand there are children in less fortunate situations than our own. They will also understand the society can also provide benefits regarding the buying and selling of items, which provides the money so that families are able to buy essential goods to support their lives.


On 31st December, we went to Foshan Children¡¯s charity with clothes, food and milk. We let the kindergarten¡¯s children understand that the other children were in a difficult life and we wish to expose our own children to view the different life scenario. Our kindergartens have prepared a show and a little game to prepare with the children in need. Let them enjoy together and smile together.

Let the children to know they should help children in need. It is important to know the co-operation between people is essential. TO help others is the main purpose of our Giving Bank Programme and the children can see this in action.
Education is love, let us learn together.

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