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Canadian International Kids¡¯ English School (Tianhe Headquarter )
Tel: 020-38870526 / 38870615 / 38870204
Address: 17/F, East Tower of Yangcheng International Commercial Center, Ti Yu Dong Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City

Canadian International Kids¡¯ English School is recognizable by kids and parents for its¡°EFL teaching system¡±. Thousands of kids are accepted by key high-schools and famous universities in and out of China after graduation from CIEO.
1.EFL Learning Program;
2.Canadian Teaching Style;
3.Enjoyable International Culture;
4.American & Canadian Phonics System;
5.Six International Educational Program.

At CIEO we supply kids with high-quality education. We focus on education to elevate kids¡¯ ability to use English in daily life. We help kids develop the bilingual ability to be a world citizen.

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